DeepTrekker Utility Crawler

with Metal Thickness Guage

NEW ! Third Generation Robots

​​  OLC​ Services

​DeepTrekker Utility Crawler

with Potable/Clearwell Vacuum


OLC Services takes its role of being the originating company of robotic cooling tower cleaning seriously (since 1992). OLC Services believes that safety should over-ride all other criteria when designing our equipment.  Accordingly, we do not feel the use of robotic equipment using high voltage AC power, belong in cooling towers basins.  While waterproof sump pumps (used on many cleaning robots) have a good history of safety, there is no reason to use them in cooling tower robots.  Simply put, there are much safer technologies available that actually perform better and do not compromise safety in any way.  (We believe that Mr. Murphy was an optimist!)

OLC Services is proud to announce our third generation of underwater cleaning robots to augment our successful modular hydraulic units.  This new generation is more nimble, compact and flexible, yet capable of getting to the sludge in any tower and removing it at 200-400 gpm! Power is 24v DC, safe in any environment.  This new technology enables OLC Services to get to towers that are inaccessible or impractible by other systems or when using 460 volt, three phase power.

In addition to its high mobility robots, OLC Services has proven portable filtration technology to complement this flexibility.  This means that we can clean your cooling tower basin, even if it is on the roof of a twenty story building and the basin is ten feet deep, or if the basin is only twelve inches deep!   OLC Services can get the job done!

OLC Services is also adding a robotic arm with a 360 degree articulating gripper to its robots.  This will allow retrieval of tools and other equipment from the basin of the cooling tower during the cleaning process.

Now That's Real Innovation!

  OLC robots are modular, to allow for specific job requirements.

​The same chassis can use wheels or tracks, 2" to 4" suction hose, add-on lighting and brushes, augers or magnets on the front.

Cameras that use IR for "seeing in the dark" can often eliminate extra lighting.

The unit in this picture is configured for one specific customer's operating environment.

Other specific configurations can be designed for your system's requirements.

The modular concept allows unmatched flexibility for the cleaning of deep basin cooling towers and tanks.

After all, every tower cleaning robot does exactly the same thing: remove debris and sludge from the basin while the tower remains in service. Anything more is just to impress!

OLC Services - Not fancy, just rugged, reliable performance.

Hydraulic motors provide superior torque and simplicity for the drive train.

​And since the suction equipment is always outside of the tower, there is no high voltage equipment in the water!

Now, that's Innovation !

If you have a potable water tank or a clear water tank with sediment that needs to be removed, OLC Services USA utilizes the superior performance of the Deep Trekker Utility Crawler System for vacuuming, inspections, or even testing for metal thickness of your tank!

If you want THE BEST, contact us, and we will do the rest!